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Protection Law Group is one of the preeminent plaintiff employment law firms in California having obtained millions of dollars for its clients. What sets PLG apart is that our Los Angeles employment attorneys collectively have more than 25 years of "big firm" experience representing some of the largest companies in the world in labor and employment matters in both Federal and State court. During that time, PLG's lawyers accumulated a wealth of knowledge regarding how companies approach and defend employment law suits. Recognizing that these companies often trample and marginalize employee and individual rights, the attorneys at PLG came together to offer the same legal representation provided to those large companies, to aggrieved employees and individuals.

At PLG, our clients come first and we take great care in providing our clients with personalized legal representation so they never feel like they are in the dark. California's labor and employment laws are detailed and complex and we understand that employees may be intimidated and have difficulty understanding and navigating them. That's why at PLG we are immediately available to our clients and we help guide our clients step by step through their entire case. Our Los Angeles employment lawyers also take the time to explain the law to them, what is happening right then with their case, what to expect next, and to answer any other questions clients may have so they can be rest assured knowing that their case is diligently and effectively being prepared for trial, or class certification.

California Plaintiff Employment Law Attorneys

Employment actions typically fall into two categories, either violations of California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (or "FEHA") for claims of discrimination, harassment and retaliation, or violations of California's Labor Code for claims for failing to pay employees correctly. Employer's often violate California labor's because doing so unlawfully lines their pockets with more money. For example, employers often fail to provide employees with breaks and take advantage of the fact that for most employees, keeping their job is more is important than standing up for themselves, even if it means that employees lose money and work harder. Many employees are fearful that they will get in trouble for complaining or worse, lose their jobs. We are uniquely qualified to even the playing field against companies and bad employers who take advantage of employees. Unlike other firms, at PLG, we specialize in both kinds of employee rights violations. Whether prosecuting single plaintiff claims brought under FEHA, or class actions for Labor Code violations, PLG's Los Angeles employment attorneys have extensive experience prosecuting both types of actions. Because we are experienced in both fields unlike many other firms, clients can feel confident that if any of their rights have been violated, PLG is ready and capable to obtain justice for all types of employee rights violations.

If you believe that you have a potential claim against a current or former employer, or your simply wish to learn more about your rights, we encourage you to contact us at (424) 290-3095 or email us. We are committed to you and your claims and will zealously advocate for your rights to obtain the best possible result for you. We look forward to hearing from you!


"I just wanted to thank you for all the work done on my behalf. It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Nayebdadash and I would just like to express my gratitude for your kindness and communication. Thank you for your professionalism, promptness and for keeping us informed and always being available and ready to assist me and always answering my questions. Please know that I am very appreciative and most pleased. You've made this long journey of mine easier and I feel very fortunate for having you on my side. Your expertise and kindness in handling everything was invaluable. I am wishing you and your firm much success in the years to come. God Bless you always."

Valorie R. - Nov. 4, 2013 Harassment, Retaliation and Various Labor Code Violations

"I would definitely recommend this firm! Protection Law Group went above and beyond to settle my case. It was a very difficult case with no relief in sight...Protection Law Group fought for me, and settled my case. I am so grateful for all of the hard work they put into my case and if I ever needed representation again, I would come to this firm."

Marina G. - Oct. 30, 2013 Harassment, Retaliation and Various Labor Code Violations

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